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Voice searching for strippers near me? We have you covered. Booking strippers since 1992, covering all of New England. Searching for strippers in Boston? How about your bachelor party in Foxwoods? strippers near me, can be us. The hottest strippers in New England.

How about Mona? this video was from Killington Vermont. A stripper pole in a bedroom.

When looking for local strippers, consider we feature the real strippers on our sites. 100% real.

You see our strippers, in multiple pictures, in videos, and in pictures and video together. You don’t see that on some of the other stripper sites. They show 1 image, an image they found off the internet of a girl who doesn’t know she is part of a catfish plan for a stripper agency in New England.

Want to hear a story? Ok this just happened this past weekend. I was talking thru email and phone calls with a group from Long Island who were visiting Killington. They didn’t book with us, I was asleep at 2:30 am when they called early Sunday morning. So I emailed him back and we scheduled a Monday night party. The customer tells me about the horror show Banana Split showed up with. Here’s his text
Don't be this customer
Notice he didn’t even know the full company name. What is even more horrendous? That agency charged the party, $800 booking fee. The girls were gross and the guys asked them to leave. So that agency made 3x what I make, and I send smoke show strippers. Monday night we send 2 dancers with driver JP, the party lasted 5 hours. The girls made a ton of money. I made my $200 commission. Which pales to the driver who made over $700. So I’m not getting rich per party. I need to book 3 parties to make what Banana Split picked up for bringing “gross” girls to a party, who were asked to leave. I never asked if the customer wanted his $800 back.

I’ve been booking strippers since 1992, Call me, my name is Meni Troupakis. 800-446-8847
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