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VIP Strippers 800-446-8847 has been booking sexy strippers throughout New England since 1992.

Featuring the best strippers, choosing to book quality over quantity. From Orono Maine to Foxwoods, Burlington Vermont to Nantucket.
VIP strives at producing quality over quantity. We aren’t the biggest, the biggest agency will have a lot of clunkers. It’s easier to have a hot lineup if you are picky. We turn down girls, who end up dancing at the other agencies. Booking strippers in 3 decades, I’ve seen it all. Ring toss… the Rhino, 30 minute shows with Matthews strippers from Canada… to 2+ hour parties with New England’s finest girls.

Call 800-446-8847 speak to me, Meni, I am the owner, I don’t hide my identity. I don’t have a fake name on the phone.

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Strippers or exotic dancers, however you would like to refer to them. They are the girls you gawk at walking thru the mall. You see them, you are with your wife, you try not to stare. You go to a bachelor party. And boom, that girl you saw at the mall is on your lap. What’s better than that? That Instagram hottie with thousands of followers, will be your entertainer at your party. All our strippers are fun and sexy and real. We have been booking strippers for so many years, that we know how to throw the best bachelor party. Dim the lights a bit, everyone have their money ready, if you run out of money, we can swipe your credit card at the show. Heck you can pay the agency with bitcoin. We are VIP Entertainment Inc.

800-446-8847 Speak to Meni and book your party with an agency that turned 28 years old this year.