We do serve Lake Placid with our strippers

VIP Entertainment Inc Lake Placid strippers

We do cover the Lake Placid area parties

We are based in Manchester, NH but we do cover Lake Placid NY parties. We are heading to Lake Placid, New York this weekend. Vanessa and Mona are pre-booked for a party.
Lake Placid strippers
Lake Placid, is 4 1/2 hours from Manchester, NH. That’s just about our limit. As an agency guideline I book parties up to 4.5 hours away.
VIP Entertainment Inc covers parties in Maine. Rangely is our limit there. We cover off of New Hampshire, yup Pittsburg. We cover all of Vermont. All of Massachusetts. All of Rhode Island, we love going to Newport, RI. We cover just about all of Connecticut but we usually just go to the casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. We cover parties in NY. Places like Hunter, Lake George, Saratoga Springs and Lake Placid. Call 800-446-8847 to book the best strippers.
You are looking for strippers for Lake Placid? Here are some new pics.

Lake Placid Mila
If you like brunettes, book Mila for your party. She has been dancing with VIP Entertainment Inc for a little over 2 years. She has quite the assortment of toys. She has fun at parties, in a relaxed fun mood, not hustling around and working the entire time.
Lake Placid strippers
Here’s a pic of Nicole with Vanessa and Mila at a party. No other agency is posting current real pics of their dancers. I’m sick of seeing 2000 era photos on the competitors sites. Here’s a clue, click the image you see, choose search google for image, and see how fake the competitors are.

Lake Placid stripper Vanesa

Here’s Vanessa our sexy smoke show blonde, you will see a lot of Vanessa, she does take a lot of pictures. Call 800-446-8847 to book the best strippers.

Lake Placid strippers Nicole and Vanessa

If you like blondes, and more blondes, book Nicole and Vanessa for your Lake Placid party.

Lake Placid Vanessa

Vanessa, pic taken in a strip club lockeroom. She likes to pick up dayshifts during the weekdays. It doesn’t compete with her party schedule

Lake Placid stripper NIcole

Nicole who was top requested dancer last year, who took time off to have a baby. She was back dancing within a month, She’s ready to defend her bikini contest titles this summer. She won the Bike Week Laconia bikini contest last summer.

Lake Placid stripper Audrey

Here’s Audrey, she sent me this, no make up, this pic is the opposite of what you see today, with the snapchat filters you don’t even really see the person. Audrey is gorgeous young blonde stripper who works for VIP Entertainment Inc. Call 800-446-8847 to book the best strippers.

Lake Placid stripper Vanessa

Lake Placid stripper Vanessa

Lake Placid stripper Vanessa

There’s Vanessa again with strip club selfies. Call 800-446-8847 to book the best strippers.

Lake Placid stripper Taylor

Here’s Taylor one of our sexy tall blondes. She is very fun at parties. She has been with VIP over 2 years.

Lake Placid stripper Vanessa

Lake Placid strippers

The above two pictures are from a party. I booked Mila and Vanessa, and those are the girls who showed up. We don’t bait and switch.

Lake Placid Nicole

Gonna end this blog post about Lake Placid strippers with Nicole.  Call 800-446-8847 to book the best strippers.